The lessons you see on this web site were written in 2012 and before. Since then we have taught the curriculum, evaluated it, and published articles on our evaluation of the curriculum.


We are working on versions that are more CULTURALLY COMPETENT, less philosophically dense, and relevant to students across middle school and high school.  We also are aiming to promot the view that “CONSENT IS NOT ENOUGH.” A sexual ethics curriculum teaches kids to orient their thinking about other people and towards mutuality as a goal.

We can send you our  8-session version appropriate for 9th grade. This is the curriculum that was evaluated using 7 9th grade classrooms (see Lamb & Randazzo, 2015, in The Journal of Moral Education, or write to us for a copy of the articles.)

In the works are lessons specific gender-nonconformity, various ethnic backgrounds, and more. We are completely re-doing our lesson on Pornography, so stay tuned.

You can read a review of Dr. Lamb’s book about the curriculum, Sex Ed for Caring Schoolsor use the links to the left to explore the original 15 lessons with the awareness that there are newer lessons and more to come. There is a new book on girls of color where Chapter 4 discusses the vulnerabilities of girls of color in our sexual ethics classrooms Girls of Color, Sexuality, and Sex Education. 

Please write to us if you would like TRAINING on our curriculum or if you would like to purchase our 8 lesson 9th grade curriculum!

Books relating to our curriculum below!

Chapter 4 is about the vulnerabilities
of Girls of Color in the SECS-C classroom

About the curriculum

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